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Long hairstyle 2012

2011 has been the year of interesting changes when it comes to women’s long hairstyles. Haircuts have become so much more popular in this current year. Pixie haircuts will continue to be upcoming year look. You will find some great mixed colors that go with them. One reason why short pixie haircuts for women are popular is that it makes a women look so elegant with putting so much effort. Second reason of wearing this long haircut is that you don’t have to worry about styling it. This haircut looks great on the women with rounder face shape. When you have this long haircut you can always add side-swept bangs to this kind of look. Short haircut style will make you look very classy, being also ideal for those with wider foreheads because the bangs cover one side of it. Actresses such as Keira Knightley and Emma Watson got this cut and they looked beautiful with it.

Some Long hairstyles

We all know that long hairstyles can be very attractive. But you have to know how to style it so your hair looks astonishing. If your hair is long you have to be careful with care because if you don’t take a good care about them you can have a big problem with split ends. You have to use balsam everytime and daily us of hair drops so the will always be soft and smooth. Long hairstyles

Now we will talk about some long hairstyles that are very popular and lots of hollywood stars are wearing them. You can have pair wavy strands with straight bangs. Loose curls are still very hot looking and the effect works best if your fringe is long and wispy.

Than you can have sling your bun to one side. Part of your hair on side and twisted in to a big and loose bun a bit higher than nape of your neck. But if you have a fine straight hair, add a texture before you put up with a mousse and than dry with a diffuser.

If you want to look sexy than go for an easy updo. Updos are very sexy when they are not “done”. Falling down style is always very attractive.

This are some tips which long hairstyles are best looking.



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